All White Errthang.

HAPPY SPRING Y'ALL! In honor of the prettiest and brightest season I have put together an outfit of all white because why not?! Any monochrome look is perfect for the springtime and I chose to go real light. A lot of folks are intimidated of wearing all white for fear of getting dirty, but I like to live dangerously. ;)

White comes in 7563903094280480 different shades, trust me I counted them all. So, instead of stressing over matching the colors exactly I just mixed em all together and the outcome is perfect. The mix of shades and textures adds some depth and warmth that would be tough to achieve if I was in 100% stark white. Looking at it all together, I'm reminded a little bit of Kanye's last season runway show and I'm not mad about it. The layering of different proportions adds a nice Eastern flare and the rolled denim and sneaks throw in a touch of urban street style.

I've been obsessed with simplifying my wardrobe and this outfit is the epitome of that. For this reason I kept the accessories to a minimum and added only one silver necklace with a couple of enhancers for a bit of added shine.

Here I am just rummaging through the wilderness in all white like a genius. Luckily, the only thing to get a little dirty were the shoes but that's to be expected. I hope you've all enjoyed this monochromatic look as its been one of my favorites. Its an easy way to look cool, calm and collected and I hope you all try it out for yourselves. Adios for now!

(Denim - 7 For All Mankind, Extra Long Tank - OAK, Long Sleeve Waffle Shirt - who knows? its old, Necklace and Charms - James Avery and David Yurman, Kicks - Vans)

The Grunge.

THE ARCHETYPES ARE BACK!!!! I know you've all been holding your breath for so long now but you can finally let that air out and check out the next quint essential archetype of men's fashion, The Grunge Guy. When I think of grunge style, I think of oversized, holey t-shirts, big, ripped jeans, flannel button downs and dirty hair. A look I'm all too familiar with. ;) For my interpretation I wanted to clean it up a bit, or at least just look like I had showered.

I started it all out with a pair of distressed overalls, and a basic oversized white T. It was a little chilly so instead of tying my flannel shirt around my waist I wore it! What a concept, right?! Its extra long so you can see me fluttering from miles away! A pleather jacket and combat boots complete this look and add a little bit of rocker style. As much as I love the comfort of oversized shirts I also added the Motorcycle Jacket to mash in a fitted piece to flatter my figure and keep me from looking bigger than desired.

A Cotton T, Denim, Flannel and Leather make for a texture love affair destined for greatness. The only jewelry I added was my everyday Yurman necklace. I never leave the house without it! Also if you hadn't noticed, the wind was giving me lots of attitude so I had to Michael Jackson it out a few times and have some fun with it!

I hope y'all enjoyed my take on the Grunginess. Now go try it out with you're own twists and show me what you're workin wit! Big thanks to Ben for being photographer extraordinaire, you da best!

(T-shirt - Feathers, Overall - Zara, Long Flannel Shirt - H&M, Moto Jacket - Zara, Boots - Aldo, Jewels - David Yurman)

Jess Glynne

Hey Y'all! I must say, I am SO excited about this next post. One of my favorite things in life is music. Old, new, loud, soft, I love it all. It is such a powerful entity that I can't help but share about an artist I'm currently obsessed with, Jess Glynne! I had first seen this English beauty last year at SXSW and she caught my attention as soon as she stepped onstage. Her fiery red hair, fashion forward wardrobe and smokey, soulful voice left me in awe! Her set was short so we were only graced with the greatness of a few of her songs but once the first chord of Rather Be was played, the crowd went nuts! 

  As soon as her debut album (I Cry When I Laugh) dropped, I hit up iTunes and was immediately entranced. There's not one song I needed to skip to get through the albums first listen. Knowing she writes her own stuff and sings her real experiences makes my love for her expand to ridiculous lengths. Naturally, when I saw she was going on tour and coming back to Austin I HAD to get tickets.

We got to The Parish 30 minutes before the doors opened and were able to get spots right next to the stage. SCORE! The opener, Conrad Sewell, was great and all but Jess BLEW OUR MINDS! Again, her look was on point, she has a personality to boot and damn, that VOICE! Her beautiful back up singers also acted as "hype-women" and got the crowd going with their smooth vocals and even smoother dance moves. All in all, I'd give this show a 10 out of 10 and recommend Ms. Glynne to any and everybody. Check out the clips below and bask in her majesty with me.

I know you're all gonna hop over to YouTube to continue stalking this girl, so you're welcome for the knowledge. Catch y'all on the flipside!

Bite me.

Welcome back y'all. As promised there have been some changes to the blog and I'm happy to introduce you to the first FOOD post! Woo hoo! Yippy! Aye yi yi! 

To gets things kicked off, I'm going to start y'all off with a little "woe is me" story. A few months ago I was told by my doctor that I had high pressure and was prescribed medication. I knew it was coming as hypertension runs in my family, but I didn't think it'd happen while I was in my 20's. My diet desperately needed to change as it is now a life or death issue and I do NOT have the time or patience to deal with having a stroke or a heart attack! The biggest changes I needed to make, aside from over eating,  were to cut down my sodium, sugar and alcohol intake. As difficult as this is I've started cooking more, eating out less and put more of an effort into eating organic produce and lean proteins. Still, one of the biggest problems I have is snacking between meals. Which brings us to why we are here, healthy, homemade and incredibly tasty snacks!


We'll begin with my take on the classic potato chip, Baked Sweet Potato Chips! You can have all the flavor and satisfying crunch of a regular potato chip without the grease, sodium and impending artery blockage. These suckers are incredibly easy to make; all you need is a couple sweet potatoes, melted coconut oil, salt and pepper. Slice the potatoes and put them in a large bowl. Add just enough oil to coat the potatoes, salt and pepper and mix. Throw these babies evenly on a baking sheet and put in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes and BAM! Baked Sweet Potato Chips at your service. Just make sure you flip them halfway through the baking time to make sure they're not squichy on the bottom.

This one is the simplest to make and one of my person favorites. Bell Pepper Strips are coming atcha. Literally all you do is buy some bell peppers, wash them, cut out the center core, slice these things up like you're Edward Scissorhands and you're all set! Being from the South my favorite thing to do with these is dip them in Ranch Dressing but given that I have to make better food decisions, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus is the perfect companion to these bell pepper strips.  

Now for those of us with that dreaded sweet tooth I give you, Granola. I do have to admit its not as satisfying as biting into a piece of cake or a brownie but its still really good and way better for you than that cake is. Most prepackaged granola isn't as good for you as you think. I made this super simple recipe so I could be in charge of what went into it and make sure it was all natural and non-processed. This is as easy to do as the sweet potato chips. In a large bowl combine 4 cups of uncooked oats, 1 cup of almonds (or any nut of your choice), 1 cup of dried cranberries, 1/2 cup of melted coconut oil and 1/2 cup of natural honey. You can also use maple syrup instead of honey if you like. Spread an even layer onto a baking sheet and bake for 22 minutes at 350 degrees. Toss around halfway though bake time and let sit 2 minutes after you take out of the oven. Break it apart with your hands and get to eatin! Homemade granola is great because its so versatile. Eat it by the handful, add some milk and eat it like cereal or add it to some yogurt!

I hope you've enjoyed these quick and easy, better for you than most, snacks. Let me know if you try em out and what you think or if you have any recipes of your own! Catch y'all on the flipside. Adios!

Oah'u the finale.

We're coming to the end of our time on the island, but there's still plenty of fun to be had! Our last full day we decided to hit up the Makapu'u Tide Pools. It was an easy hike up and a pain in the ass down to the actual pools. With my shoes in the muddy graveyard at Maunawili my $7 sandals were all I could rely on. All I can say is I'm glad I made it and it was worth putting up with the attitude those sandals gave me.

It was a busy day but we found our own tide pool and the enjoyment began.

How is this even real? It was incredible and wonderful and fantastic.

The view from the top of the trail after we made it back up was pretty great as well. One more time every hike, beach, tide pool and adventure we went on except for the volcano on Hawai'i was FREE! Can you believe it? Our last stop is one of my personal favorites. There's not much I love more that street art so I'm sure you can see the Kaka'ako development in Honolulu has a special place in my heart. Nothings better than being inspired by art that's 8287493 times bigger than you are.

With our last day in Honolulu ending, back to Texas we go. I hope you've all enjoyed your time on the islands with us and that you all stop what you're doing and for real go to Hawai'i tomorrow. It was a wonderful place to start the new year and I can't wait to go back!

Get ready for a slew of style posts in the near future! Xoxoxo

Oah'u pt 2.

We back on track with our Hawaiian journey. Next stop, Koko Head sunrise hike of death and beauty. It's 1,050 steps up and old railroad track to the top of a mountain and treacherous is the only word I can think of to describe it. I've posted pics of Koko Head Trail before but hiking it in the dark before you've had breakfast was the worst idea until we watched the sun rise over the ocean.

Ta DAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! The sun has risen. After get back down the mountain after the sunrise we decided to take the rest of the day to relax and walk through Waikiki. Shopping at its finest, all with a view to die for! The very next day we decided to continue our outdoorsy activities and to Maunawili Falls we went.

What a cute entry sign right? We were not ready for the muddy pits of doom we had to get through to get to the waterfall. We had a fun and hilarious time slippin and slidin through these trails, if only I could have photographed it. For fear of dropping my camera into the muck, I refrained from taking pics.

We made it through the jungle to the waterfall and back without falling. It was a feat I didn't think we could overcome!

Although we survived the hike, our shoes did not. RIP to all these demolished zapatos. Thank goodness I got new ones for Christmas! With our beach attire in tow we were off to Lanikai we went for an evening or peace and recuperation.

We had plenty of mud on our legs to wash off and this was the perfect place to do it! Once  the sun started setting we decided to hit the road back to the city. Our bodies needed to rest up for the next days activity of high cardio killer nature work out 2k16!

Here we are at the end of this post. I have more to show you so don't you worry! kloveyoubye.

Bikini Body Ready.

You didn't think you'd get through all these posts without a style break did you? I didn't want to disappoint so you're welcome. Also, I'm not wearing a bikini but this was generally my wardrobe on our beach days.

As you can see, I kept this look simple, clean and functional. Patterned swim trunks paired with a denim button down, sandals and the coolest bag ever make the perfect beach day outfit. 

Wearing a lightweight button down also leaves you looking a little more presentable incase you do lunch or something after beach bumming.

I hope you've enjoyed this short and sweet style break, now for the specifics: short swim trunks - Zara, denim shirt - Levi's, sandals - Longs Pharmacy, bag - Apolis x Milo HNL, glasses - Warby Parker, surfboard - Beyoncé.

See you at the next stop on our Hawaiian adventure!

Oah'u specifically North Shore.

We have safely landed in Honolulu and it's time for a day full of fun on the North Shore. If you haven't been, this is one of my favorite parts of Oah'u. It's away from the city, the beaches are beautiful and the FOOD...omg the fooooood! 

Shrimp is one of my favorite types of seafood and the shrimp trucks up here just solidify the obsession even more. Giovanni's in Haleiwa Town is my go to for these 12 pieces of sautéed garlic and butter drenched heaven. I do advise that you be prepared for the burps afterward, because they are pretty gnarly and boy do they linger!? :/

To combat those pesky garlic shrimp burps we cleansed our palettes with a little frozen treat. The shave ice champions of the world reside at Matsumoto's and it's the best you will ever have. EVER. Lilikoi and banana cream were my flavors of choice and they did NOT disappoint! Ben and I both added real life ice cream to our shave ice and its a decision we will never regret and always make again, I mean just look at how excited we are! It really is such a magical experience. 

We went during high time for waves of death and destruction so the beaches on the North Shore were closed. Still, we decided to chill and watch the brave souls that jumped the ropes and surfed these mean waves. It was impressive and scary to watch but an overall good ending to our North Shore experience.

Similar to the Hawai'i posts these Oah'u posts are coming atcha in sections, which brings me to the close of this entry. So go to the North Shore and I'll create a new entry telling you where else to go in the meantime. Adios muchachichos!

Hawai'i pt 2.

Lets just jump right into it, I've made y'all wait long enough for these posts so here ya go!

This next place is ridiculously pretty, much like every place we have/will talk about. Laupahoehoe Beach Park, pronounced (La-pah-HOY-HOY not hoe hoe ya freaks) is similar to Waipi'o Valley. The tsunami in 1946 also hit Laupahoehoe, however there was a school in this valley in which 20 students and 4 teachers were drowned. Even though it was a bit somber after learning the history the views were still breathtaking.

There's now a monument to those who passed on Laupahoehoe Point.

After this scenic point we traveled on to Hilo to visit the active volcano Kilauea! This was the only adventure we paid for and only because it's a state park. It was $15 total to enter the park with a vehicle. Incredibly minimal given everything we saw. We took the longest hike around the rim of the volcano which was nuts! 

Along the trail there were natural vents in the ground that steam crept out of which was a little eerie. I felt like I was in the Lion King when Simba and Nala go to the elephant grave yard. It was hot, dry, steamy and spectacular all at the same time.

The day before, a giant piece of the wall on the inside of the volcano mouth fell in and we could still hear pieces falling and hitting the lava. We didn't see any lava but you could see the steam from the mouth as it floated to the sky and met the clouds. After our hike back to the visitor center we had dinner at Volcano House, which overlooks the volcano at night and you can see the lava glowing! It was real tough to get a photo of it because we were so far away but it was quite a sight to see.

Pretty incredible eh? Yeah, I think so too. This is where our trip to Hawai'i aka Big Island ends and with that I'll leave you with a picture from under the trees looking out onto Beach Sixty Nines. Now, off to Oah'u we go! See y'all there!


Oh happy day a new post is here and it's all about Hawai'i, aka Big Island. Having lived on Oah'u for a year I figured Hawai'i would be very similar and boy was I wrong. Less development and more open spaces made for landscapes of grandeur and beauty. I was in awe of this place as it was more of what I imagined Hawai'i to be like before I moved there. So much more of a small town feel with great people and mom and pop shops lining the villages streets, it was wonderful. People generally talk about how expensive Hawai'i is but almost every adventure we went on was free! With all of these natural wonders surrounding you there's no need to pay for excursions. You can swim with dolphins in Cancun! 

The first of our excursions was to the Waipi'o Valley Lookout and man was it heavenly. This valley is of the upmost importance to native Hawaiians as is used to be home to ancient temples. Many kings were buried in ancient burial caves along the sides of the cliffs and because of there "mana" its said that anyone who lives in the Waipi'o Valley will never be harmed. There was a devastating tsunami in 1946 that took out all of the structures in the valley but nobody died in the event! Check this place out.

Ben and I taking traditional tourist pics. Enjoy!

Holy crap its beautiful! Now on to the Mauna Kea Summit. At over 13,000 ft above sea level we were literally higher than the clouds and on top of the world!  Again, this was a free adventure and it was magnificent.

I know now that I'll need to pack a jacket and wear jeans without holes because that 37 degree temperature at the top was a bit chilly! So take note and also be prepared to feel a bit "loopy" when you're at the summit, the oxygen's just a tad bit thin.

There are giant telescopes on the summit from different countries so they can study space because Mauna Kea has clearer nights than anywhere else.

This island is so insanely gorgeous its hard to edit the number of photos I'm picking! To keep y'all from getting bored I'm breaking this into two posts so don't go anywhere cuz there's more comin! I hope you've enjoyed it so far. Catch ya on the flip side with more of our adventure.

It's 2016! Whaaaaaa?!?!?!

Hey y'all, its me! Remember me? The guy who's been keeping you waiting for a year?! I want to apologize for being on hiatus for so long but I'm back with new content for your viewing pleasure. You'll notice a few changes to the aesthetic of the website and we will be discussing things other than just men's style from now on. I'm excited for all these changes and to share more of life with you guys. That being said, Happy 2016! I started my new year in the paradise that is known as Hawai'i and to kick this year of new content off, I'm going to relive this magnificent journey with you all. Don't fret because those Archetypes will be completed soon, I promise. Now let's get this party started!


I interrupt these archetype posts to bring you joy, happiness, excitement, and comfy underwear. My Canadian friends at de la COMMUNE are doing great things and they want you! (to check them out ;) ) Let me introduce you to Reese and Daniel, the creative brains behind the brand.

                                                Reese                      Model                               Daniel

These guys created a men's brand based on comfort, quality, style, detail and ethical manufacturing. Their collections include shirts, underwear (my personal fave) and drop crotch sweats, all the basics needed in any wardrobe. Instead of continuing to talk about it, I'm just gonna show you. 

Talk about swag! Am I right? Or am I right? Now for the things I can't wait to get my hands or butt on, rather, the Vintage Wash Collection and the Jasper Pant. Comfort, quality and attention to detail make these pieces irresistible and I NEED them in my life! When I talk about attention to detail, it took these fellas a full year to reach the final product of just the waistband on the undies. I couldn't think of a better time to work with perfectionists.

So, why am I showing you guys all this stuff ? Two reasons really. One, I love it and want it all and you should too. Two, they need our support so click below to check out their kickstarter website, learn more about them and help their dreams become a reality. Trust me, your dreams would be coming true as well.

Everybody raise your glass; Here's to you de la COMMUNE, may all your hard work and efforts payoff, and may my ass be ever so happy in your underwear! CHEERS!


The Hipster

Here we are with archetype number two y'all, The Hipster. I'm just gonna jump right into it. When I think of hipster style I think of thrifted clothes, denim, greasy hair and tight shorts all of which are part of my daily life!

Hey look, its me being hipster! I thrifted this awesome practice jersey and denim jacket from the best thrift store in Austin, Thriftland and yes, that's its real name. Talk about good finds, right?! I paired these two with some cream colored denim shorts and finished the look off with my black Tom's and canvas bag. Check, check and check.

Same as with "The Prep" post the hair can make you or break you but in the case of the hipster, who cares! Throw it up because its greasy as hell, you're a non-conformist and you do what you want! Plus, its fun to be a Samurai Warrior.

Accessories for this archetype are a little heavy on the wrist game but pretty light everywhere else. I layered four bracelets for a nice mix of color and texture. I wore only one really long necklace double looped to look like two necklaces and one ring! So fancy.

Now, the joys of having a tripod and a self timer on my camera mean funny moments get caught even when your not trying to catch them. Here is a nice little series for all to enjoy entitled; Smile pose, AHH GRASSHOPPER, Eww.

Make sure you click to make the pictures bigger so you can see my facial expression in the last one especially. Tehehe. I hope you all enjoyed the hipster and are looking forward to the next one! See y'all next week...or sooner if you're lucky. Adios.

(tank and jacket - Thriftland, shorts - H&M, shoes - Tom's, jewels - David Yurman, Sally, Eliza Paige and Julie, spectacles - Ray-Ban)

The Prep

HELLO WORLD! I'm officially back at it and getting things done. I apologize for the hiatus but it has been a whirlwind couple of months. With no further adieu let me introduce you to the new and first post on the updated site, "The Prep". I was recently doing some research and read an article discussing the 10 quint essential men's fashion archetypes and thought, "hey! I should post my interpretations of these archetypes in my own style"! So, here we are with #1.

As you all know, prep is not necessarily my personal style of choice, but if I did it this is exactly how. Cool and casual is always the way I go and layering these light fabrics together definitely does the job. Its still reasonably warm here in Austin so I have on shorts to let my legs breathe and some awesome casual loafers that were handed down from my grandpa!

Layer breakdown commencing meow!

1. Striped navy and white henley

2. Perforated grey cardigan

3. Hooded navy cotton blazer

To give you a better idea of how these all work so well together, I give you the detail shot.

I just love it, great color, texture and traditional styles make this preppy outfit modern and chic. Now, to add to the theme of this archetype I had to make sure my hair was on point. It can really make or break a look! Since my hair is a little edgier than the given idea, I styled it in the most traditional "comb over" way I could.

It's almost like a side mullet, business on the left, party in the right! Regardless, it is most definitely an updated take on a traditional preppy hairstyle. As you've noticed I kept the accessories to a minimum. When wearing so many layers, too much jewelry can really compete with your outfit so I left it to one necklace, a bracelet and a ring. Done.

Thank you all for not giving up on me! I promise I won't disappoint in the upcoming posts and I hope you're all as excited as I am! See ya soon, deuces!

(henley and shorts - H&M, cardigan - 7 For All Mankind, blazer - Armani Exchange, shoes - Cole Haan, jewels - David Yurman, spectacles - Ray-Ban)

Cloudy with a chance of style

Hey y'all! Its been a while since I've seen ya and I'm glad you're back. I'm sure you have all noticed that mesh has been a recent trend for both boys and girls lately and not the slutty mcslutterson kind of mesh you're thinking about, but the athletic jersey kind. In my head I tried to think of how I could incorporate this into my everyday style and with the help of my super stylish BFF who's visiting from Texas, I think we were successful. Check it out for yourself!

Again, here we are on the roof. I should change my name to "rooftop blogger"! Just kidding....but for real. I layered this mesh tee with a micro mesh tank so viewers can't oogle my goodies through the jersey. I paired this top combo with some rolled navy slim legs and added some texture with my spiked loafers.

The look is the perfect oxymoron. Its edgy on top and classic on bottom and together they make magic. As far as the accessories go I went a little heavy. The colors of this outfit are basic and dark so the use of jewelry and spikey shoes really add some pizzazz!

As per usual when Julie is in town we take some silly pictures so now is the time in which you get to witness the magic that is our friendship. You're welcome.

Yeah I know, she pretty cool. You should all be jealous of our love. Any who, I hope you've all enjoyed this nice style break and hopefully you'll try this jersey trend someday soon too!

Bye Julie, thanks for playing photographer/model and safe travels back to Austin!

I'll catch you all on the flipside, thanks for checking meowt.

(jersey and tank - American Apparel, pants - H&M, shoes - UNIF, jewels - Panacea Designs, David Yurman, Oliver Hawaii and Eliza Paige, bag - Baggu, spectacles - Ray-Ban)

Who wears short shorts?!?

I don't necessarily wear short shorts, but spring time sun means its time to show a little skin and I couldn't be more excited! As you all know my obsession with tank tops and shorts runs deep so don't be to surprised when you notice that I've done it again and paired the 2 together for a spring time look that's perfect for a day of running around the city or just lounging around on a rooftop somewhere.

Is it just me or does that background look photoshopped? It beautiful in Brooklyn this time of year. Back to the important things, the clothes! So a couple of items in this post are new and I'm most impressed with the shorts. They are a black denim from H&M and I have to say they are pretty fan-freakin-tastic. They're more of a tailored fit than most denim shorts and they have so much stretch that I could do yoga in them and feel like I'm wearing yoga pants. Nothing makes me happier than clothes that pass the "can I drop it to tha flo with these things on" test.

So I paired these magnificent shorts with a white and grey tank ( I'm sure you're all very surprised) a black and white cardigan and my most prized pair of high top sneakers. This look is cool and casual giving you feelings of put togetherness, comfort and just overall looking good. You feel like jogging at the park? Go for it! You wanna grab some adult beverages at happy hour? Even better! This outfit is great for doing both and will leave you prepared for whatever the day brings. 

As far as accessories go I threw on two necklaces, a ring and matching bracelet combo, a rubber band and I'm carrying a new black canvas tote from a cool little boutique in Park Slope. It's the perfect companion for a day of running errands and can literally hold everything!

Now, I've tried to keep myself composed but there's something we need to talk about. If anybody and I mean ANYBODY tells you to do a "jumping" post on your blog, don't. It'll be great, something fun and new to add to your posts right? If you like failing over and over and looking really excited to be letting go of some unwanted gas in EVERY picture, then jumping posts will be perfect for you. For me, we are not friends and the following photos will show you why. You're welcome.

I fail. fail.

SUCCESS!!! I love standing on my tip toes! NOT. Never again, this is dumb.

On that note I'll see you folks later. Peace, love and chicken grease!

No really, BYE!

(shorts and cardigan - H&M, tank - Urban Outfitters, sneakers - Louis Vuitton, bag - Baggu, jewels - Eliza Paige and David Yurman, spectacles - Ray-Ban)

Today, I'm Sporty Spice.

Well hello again all. It's me Brent and this post is dedicated to the new sneaker trend that's been buzzing all over the fashion community recently. Instead of glorifying sneakers only I thought, "why not incorporate more athletic wear into everyday style?" so that's what I did! Check, check, check, check it out!

Look at me I'm on the roof! Since the spring time FINALLY decided to show up I threw on my favorite pair of white denim and some bright colors to show my excitement! My neon tank and sneakers definitely add pops of color that I'm sure nobody is used to seeing on me since I'm the king of wearing black. It's beyond time to make a change so hear ya go.

Ever have one of those days when you work real hard to get your hair just right and as soon as you step outside the wind decides to funk everything up??? Well, that's what's going on today hence, me holding my hair in the majority of these photographs. Rude.

Back to the important things. I thought long and hard about the benefits of wearing and outfit made of athletic wear and they are as follows; I look like a cool bright highlighter, I can sweat as much as I want and not worry about it bc this tank is dry-fit, these shoes are perfect for walking miles and miles around the city which I do on the daily, but most important is that this outfit is extremely comfortable. I could run a marathon or take a real long nap with these things on.  

I also have learned that spring time evenings in the city can add a little chill to their nightly breezes so for that reason I brought a super comfy hoodie for added warmth and style. It's a dark navy blue which works perfectly for taming these wild neons! Since the use of athletic wear brings thoughts of high activity I kept the accessories to a minimum. A chain bracelet and long necklace are all I need to make me feel complete.

I'm a big fan of this whole sneaker thing and I hope you are too now! Thanks for stopping by and I'll check you folks next time. Deuces.

(jeans and hoodie - 7 For All Mankind, tank - Rufskin, jewels - David Yurman, shoes - Reebok, spectacles - Ray-Ban)

ToM fOrD fOr MeN

Hey y'all hey! I know its been a while and I apologize, but the New York life is no joke. While sitting on the train the other day I came across an article about Tom Ford's men's makeup line and I need some opinions. Although I don't judge those who do, I am not the type of boy to beautify myself with cosmetics. For some reason though I found myself becoming intrigued. Tom Ford's new line only consists of moisturizer, concealer, under eye cream and a mud like mask. Considering I have a few little friends growing on my forehead I have questioned whether or not I should venture down the cosmetic isle next time I'm in Neiman Marcus. What are you're thoughts on this topic? I leave you with photos to encourage your thought process. Don't get distracted and let me know what you think.

All photos courtesy of google search and ownership by Tom Ford.

I'll have a style break up here for you guys to enjoy in no time! Peace love and chicken grease.