Howdy from NYC!

Hey y'all it's me, Brent! Remember me? Well, I didn't forget about you I've just been a busy little B. Get it? B for Brent. Ok, not so funny, but as you've noticed I'm now living in the big apple and boy has it been an experience. I'm one month in and so far so good. I apologize now for the length of this post, but I have a few things to share. Ready, set, READ ON!

Let the story begin. It's Wednesday November 6th and my roommate and I stumble into our new Brooklyn apartment. Shrieks of joy and jumps of happiness fill the apartment as our hopes and dreams stare at us from across the East River in the great city that is Manhattan. The race is on and the job hunting begins almost immediately, but we don't want to start our big city adventure without having a little fun right? (Moving here jobless was probably not the smartest thing I've done, just FYI.) Fast forward to Thanksgiving. Still jobless, but being away from home during the beginning of the holidays leaves us to do the only logical thing, head to the Macy's Day Parade of course!

Magical is the only word anyone can use to describe the parade. I mean, how could it not be? It's every single persons childhood dream coming to life. There were so many amazing floats, celebrities, entertainment and just overall pure joy in the air. After the parade we headed back to our fabulous new apartment and the Thanksgiving cooking with out moms, aunts and grandmas commenced. I've never been more proud of our cooking skills: roast, mac and cheese, stuffing, corn, brussels sprouts, cake, ice cream and our case of PBR made a magnificent feast. The only way to end this wonderful holiday was to hang out and drink on the rooftop.

Alright, Thanksgiving day style breakdown. The weather was great but a little chilly so dressing for the occasion was a must. Going easy on the accessories this time I paired a heavy knit sweater with some classic black skinnies and always stylish combat boots. For the cold breeze I threw on an oversized beanie and black trench coat completing my look. The mix of black and brown just makes my heart flutter, I don't care what anyone says!

So that was the end of our Thanksgiving and now to the current times. To let you guys in on a secret, Brooklyn is one of the most amazing places ever and I mean ever! Everyday we explore we find something bigger and better than the last. The beauty of this place is ridiculous and I can't stop finding inspiration for doing anything and everything. There's an amazing ambience this city has that makes you feel like you can do whatever your heart desires and if you don't like that you can change careers at the drop of a hat. I've come to learn that's not particularly the case, but its still one of the most inspiring places I've ever been apart of.


Alright so check it, if you're ever in Williamsburg, Park Slope or Greenwich Village hit up Beacon's Closet. It's the coolest thrift store I've ever popped tags in. If spending money on used clothes isn't your thing just searching for the amazing designer pieces this place carries is quite exciting in itself!

A few more things I've learned being here. Go to Central Park anytime possible, its gorgeous and its such a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the city. Next, look around, there's beauty everywhere here, even on the wall across from the train platform. :) Third, support local business. Hit up Crosby Coffee across the street every now and then and get the iced coffee with a chocolate chip muffin, its the perfect combo. Last, take the Q train it cuts the travel time to the city by almost 10 minutes and every minute here counts!

Final style break for this post. A day in Williamsburg called for layers upon layers. A graphic tank, denim button down, heavy sweater and yellow pants were perfect! I added brown wingtips and staple messenger bag for added flavor. Drink it all in because this much color is unheard of in New York apparently.

Thanks for checking meowt and I can't wait to keep you folks updated with what this place has in store for me! Check y'all later and now that I have wifi, I promise I'll post more often. :)

(First outfit, pants - 7 For All Mankind, sweater - Maison Margiela, jacket and beanie - H&M, boots - BedStu. Second outfit, tank - Koto, button down, sweater and pants - H&M, shoes - Kenneth Cole, messenger bag - Louis Vuitton, sunglasses - Ray-Ban)