Raisin' Hell

Ever feel like being bad? These uh-mazing spiked loafers called Hell Raisers by UNIF bring out the delinquent in me. I just wanna wear all black, get wasted and break stuff when I put these things on!

I built a bad boy outfit around these badass shoes and I feel like all hell is gonna break loose when I'm rockin these duds. Black denim, black and white graphic t, black leather jacket and heavy chains make me need a motorcycle gang to be a part of.

Proceed with caution. Don't make anyone wearing this babies mad, because a swift kick to the shin with these things would definitely cause some pain, I mean, at least a few stitches.

So not only do these Hell Raisers bring your confidence points up 284%, they are also surprisingly comfortable. I could probably run a marathon in them. Who am I kidding?! A half marathon.

Some layered bracelets, a belt with 2 chains and layered necklaces, including one made of a bullet shell, make this bad guy feel real hardcore. The greasy, slicked back hair definitely adds to the ambiance as well.

That's all folks! Now leave me alone before I kick u, I've got stuff to break! See you in a few days, hopefully I'll be a little less aggressive for y'alls sake. Shout out to Benjamin Cortez for these sweet pics, thank you sir!

(jeans and belt - 7 For All Mankind, graphic t - H&M, jacket - Forever 21 (I know right?!), shoes - Hell Raisers by UNIF purchased on solestruck.com, necklaces - David Yurman and Panacea Designs, bracelets - David Yurman and Diesel)