Nautical or Nice?

It's Friday y'all, which means we're heading to the lake. If only Texas had pretty beaches. :( On the plus side I get to wear clothes that make me feel like I should be relaxing on a multi-million dollar yacht!

Usually, I'm not a preppy kind of guy so I grunged up a few details to keep this look clean, but all me. I paired this super amazingly awesome taupe and navy striped sweater with some not so bright white jeans and red suede shoes for a pop of fun!

It's amazing how peaceful and serene large bodies of water make you feel. I just want to have a picnic and take a nap right here on the dock! I only used a few accessories this time to keep the outfit cohesive with the calm atmosphere. I added 2 layered necklaces and 2 bracelets to complete this yacht worthy outfit.

I know I'm portraying a nice calm waterside feel, thanks to my 7th grade theater classes for teaching how to keep a straight face, but the truth is this wind is CRAZY! Here are some of the most beautiful pictures I've ever taken and Happy Friday!

I hope you enjoyed these "let me pick this bug off my shirt, whoops I didn't realize my foot was in the water, Michael Jackson wind" photos! I'll check you cats later.

P.S. A giant THANK YOU to my baby momma Julie Tran for playing photographer.

(jeans - 7 For All Mankind, sweater - H&M, shoes - Aldo, jewelry - Oliver Hawaii, David Yurman, H&M)