Who layers in the Summer?

I do! It's summer time and its hot as hell already, but I won't let that stop me from being all I can be. Stylistically speaking of course. This outfit would be perfect in the consistent weather of Cali or Hawaii, but I just went with it in this awful Texas weather.

Here we have some basic khaki shorts, rolled for a higher tan line and added breeziness. I paired these shorts with an awesome short sleeved button down that has a pattern of cross hatched squares to add a little fun and dimension to this plain maroon shirt. Lastly, I have an uh-mazing denim jacket with leather trim for added warmth when the A/C is pumped too high and some sweet tan, leather wing tips.

With this Texas sun a blazin I even had to add a new haircut to this post! In the summer, the shorter the better! It was so hot that I could only wear my jacket in the shade and I was still a sweaty mess., once again those 7th grade theater classes really paid off. 

Once again, accessories included 2 necklaces of varying lengths, 3 bracelets, all of different materials and a ring. There were quite a few bloopers in this shoot probably because my bff was shooting and she is cray. So here's my shout out to her along with some of her gorgeous portrait work. I <3 you Julie Tranimal!

Tehehe...good times. I hope you all enjoyed this shoot as much as I did and feel empowered to wear jackets in the heat of the summer! Check you lata and I promise I wont take as long to post next time! 

(shorts - Forever 21, shirt - Topman, jacket - 7 For All Mankind, jewelry - David Yurman and Oliver Hawaii, shoes - Kenneth Cole)