Hot Days and Cool Nights

Happy 4th of July weekend y'all. This year I decided to take a road trip and spend the holiday weekend with my extended family in the grand ole town of Haskell, America.  Population = my family and very few others. Fashion here is virtually non-existent, but that's not gonna stop me from turning heads! 

With the summer heat being as intense as it is, I chose a super casual outfit of distressed khaki shorts and a grey tank. This combo is most definitely a staple in my wardrobe for the summer, but to make things less boring I added the coolest most awesome pair of silver/hologram shoes I have ever purchased!

Generally, when its 100+ degrees during the day, night time temperatures drop to about 98. My how things have changed this week?! Lucky for us the evenings have been nice and even cool enough to wear a light sweater, so that's exactly what I did. This little gem adds great pops of vibrant colors to an otherwise monochromatic look and the Indian skull graphic scares people and makes them think I'm tough. All-in-all its a win, win!  

These shoes and sweater together just melt away my sorrows with their ferocity, I just love them both so much! To keep with the Indian theme for the evening I accessorized with 2 necklaces, one of which is an arrowhead, and 3 bracelets all of different materials including a hand woven, tribal, friendship-esque one. It just worked out so well.  

Normally, Julie and Ben are my photographers, but this time I have to give huge props to my cousins Claire, Jessica and Claire's friends Sian and Leah, all of whom made this shoot fun and successful. Thank you ladies for making this possible.

This post is a little wordy but oh well, deal with it and I'll see y'all next time! 

(shorts and belt - 7 For All Mankind, tank - H&M, sweater - KR3W, shoes - Cheap Monday, jewels - David Yurman, Oliver Hawaii and gifted pieces, glasses - Ray-Ban)