Basic betch with a new haircut.

It's about time there was a style post on this thing. It's cold outside and instead of trying to over do it with accessories and color I kept it simple and basic. Black, grey and red are staples in my closet and this is the perfect representation of how I like to pair them all together.

Again, back to the basics. I believe every man should own a solid button down. It's easy to throw on and it always looks put together. You can wear it over a tank or tee, around your waist for a punk look or on its own as seen here and it works. I love the casual, cool vibe this is giving me. Black denim is a no brainer when I'm just lounging around and these 7 For All Mankind slimmys are perfect for doing just that. If I need to leave the house I can slip on my red suede loafers from Aldo and I'm ready to go. Easy, breezy and stylin.

What a dreary day and somber mood these photos are conveying. Hopefully, you're not fooled by the use of this natural lighting and monotone outfit choice! This last picture will show you the opposite. Taking selfies makes me feel silly, like Miley says, its awkward so I just stick my tongue out! Or something to that effect. I won't stick out my tongue but I'll make a funny face.

As you can see the winter in the city has attributed to my beautiful vampire-ly pale appearance. I need some vitamin D in my life. With the NY struggle in full effect and my fear of not trusting anyone with scissors close to my hair I have taken on the task of becoming my own hair stylist and I'm not mad about it. I wish I had a before picture to compare this to because I have done some major renovations and I hope you're as impressed as I am.

Now here we are again at the end of our date. I hope you enjoyed yourself and that when I ask you to come back you will. Catch you all on the flipside. Deuces.