Rainyish and Punkish

Back again I see! A new post in a matter of 2 days? Dang I'm on it. Well todays look is dedicated to the rainy weather that was trying to keep me down on my day off. So here's to you rain, suck it.

I think I wear so much black and grey that its starting to stain my skin and I'll look like I'm still wearing this outfit even when I'm naked! You're welcome for the visual, but seriously this cloudy weather inspired todays color choices. Grey denim, a white and grey tank, black boots and a leather jacket set the foundation for todays get up. The grunge trend of tying a plaid shirt around your waist is in full effect and I love it! It doesn't only look cool and add some pops of color but if it gets chilly out you have another piece of clothing to layer with. Not to mention it makes me feel like an extra from "Clueless" when Cher is talking about how dirty grunge boys are. This was the perfect outfit for all of the frolicking around Brooklyn I did today, comfortable and rainy weather ready!  

The photo shoot had to move indoors and listening to Lionel Ritchie got me inspired to walk, or sit rather, on the ceiling! :) I accessorized this outfit  a few different ways. I kept the jewelry simple one necklace, beaded bracelet and ring complete the bedazzling ceremony. The added beanie not only contributes to the noted grunge trend but it also hides my greasy hair! Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am!

And on that note I'm gonna leave you to ponder this punkish grungish look. I've really enjoyed the days festivities and need a nap. Special thanks to Hippo for photobombing my "ceiling" pictures. Rude. 

(denim - 7 For All Mankind, tank - BDG, jacket - Forever 21, boots - Jeffrey Campbell, jewels - David Yurman, beanie - H&M, plaid shirt - Urban Renewal)

I'm outta here! Thanks for stopping by and I'll catch you folks later!