ToM fOrD fOr MeN

Hey y'all hey! I know its been a while and I apologize, but the New York life is no joke. While sitting on the train the other day I came across an article about Tom Ford's men's makeup line and I need some opinions. Although I don't judge those who do, I am not the type of boy to beautify myself with cosmetics. For some reason though I found myself becoming intrigued. Tom Ford's new line only consists of moisturizer, concealer, under eye cream and a mud like mask. Considering I have a few little friends growing on my forehead I have questioned whether or not I should venture down the cosmetic isle next time I'm in Neiman Marcus. What are you're thoughts on this topic? I leave you with photos to encourage your thought process. Don't get distracted and let me know what you think.

All photos courtesy of google search and ownership by Tom Ford.

I'll have a style break up here for you guys to enjoy in no time! Peace love and chicken grease.