Today, I'm Sporty Spice.

Well hello again all. It's me Brent and this post is dedicated to the new sneaker trend that's been buzzing all over the fashion community recently. Instead of glorifying sneakers only I thought, "why not incorporate more athletic wear into everyday style?" so that's what I did! Check, check, check, check it out!

Look at me I'm on the roof! Since the spring time FINALLY decided to show up I threw on my favorite pair of white denim and some bright colors to show my excitement! My neon tank and sneakers definitely add pops of color that I'm sure nobody is used to seeing on me since I'm the king of wearing black. It's beyond time to make a change so hear ya go.

Ever have one of those days when you work real hard to get your hair just right and as soon as you step outside the wind decides to funk everything up??? Well, that's what's going on today hence, me holding my hair in the majority of these photographs. Rude.

Back to the important things. I thought long and hard about the benefits of wearing and outfit made of athletic wear and they are as follows; I look like a cool bright highlighter, I can sweat as much as I want and not worry about it bc this tank is dry-fit, these shoes are perfect for walking miles and miles around the city which I do on the daily, but most important is that this outfit is extremely comfortable. I could run a marathon or take a real long nap with these things on.  

I also have learned that spring time evenings in the city can add a little chill to their nightly breezes so for that reason I brought a super comfy hoodie for added warmth and style. It's a dark navy blue which works perfectly for taming these wild neons! Since the use of athletic wear brings thoughts of high activity I kept the accessories to a minimum. A chain bracelet and long necklace are all I need to make me feel complete.

I'm a big fan of this whole sneaker thing and I hope you are too now! Thanks for stopping by and I'll check you folks next time. Deuces.

(jeans and hoodie - 7 For All Mankind, tank - Rufskin, jewels - David Yurman, shoes - Reebok, spectacles - Ray-Ban)