Who wears short shorts?!?

I don't necessarily wear short shorts, but spring time sun means its time to show a little skin and I couldn't be more excited! As you all know my obsession with tank tops and shorts runs deep so don't be to surprised when you notice that I've done it again and paired the 2 together for a spring time look that's perfect for a day of running around the city or just lounging around on a rooftop somewhere.

Is it just me or does that background look photoshopped? It beautiful in Brooklyn this time of year. Back to the important things, the clothes! So a couple of items in this post are new and I'm most impressed with the shorts. They are a black denim from H&M and I have to say they are pretty fan-freakin-tastic. They're more of a tailored fit than most denim shorts and they have so much stretch that I could do yoga in them and feel like I'm wearing yoga pants. Nothing makes me happier than clothes that pass the "can I drop it to tha flo with these things on" test.

So I paired these magnificent shorts with a white and grey tank ( I'm sure you're all very surprised) a black and white cardigan and my most prized pair of high top sneakers. This look is cool and casual giving you feelings of put togetherness, comfort and just overall looking good. You feel like jogging at the park? Go for it! You wanna grab some adult beverages at happy hour? Even better! This outfit is great for doing both and will leave you prepared for whatever the day brings. 

As far as accessories go I threw on two necklaces, a ring and matching bracelet combo, a rubber band and I'm carrying a new black canvas tote from a cool little boutique in Park Slope. It's the perfect companion for a day of running errands and can literally hold everything!

Now, I've tried to keep myself composed but there's something we need to talk about. If anybody and I mean ANYBODY tells you to do a "jumping" post on your blog, don't. It'll be great, something fun and new to add to your posts right? If you like failing over and over and looking really excited to be letting go of some unwanted gas in EVERY picture, then jumping posts will be perfect for you. For me, we are not friends and the following photos will show you why. You're welcome.

I mean...fail. fail. fail.

SUCCESS!!! I love standing on my tip toes! NOT. Never again, this is dumb.

On that note I'll see you folks later. Peace, love and chicken grease!

No really, BYE!

(shorts and cardigan - H&M, tank - Urban Outfitters, sneakers - Louis Vuitton, bag - Baggu, jewels - Eliza Paige and David Yurman, spectacles - Ray-Ban)