Cloudy with a chance of style

Hey y'all! Its been a while since I've seen ya and I'm glad you're back. I'm sure you have all noticed that mesh has been a recent trend for both boys and girls lately and not the slutty mcslutterson kind of mesh you're thinking about, but the athletic jersey kind. In my head I tried to think of how I could incorporate this into my everyday style and with the help of my super stylish BFF who's visiting from Texas, I think we were successful. Check it out for yourself!

Again, here we are on the roof. I should change my name to "rooftop blogger"! Just kidding....but for real. I layered this mesh tee with a micro mesh tank so viewers can't oogle my goodies through the jersey. I paired this top combo with some rolled navy slim legs and added some texture with my spiked loafers.

The look is the perfect oxymoron. Its edgy on top and classic on bottom and together they make magic. As far as the accessories go I went a little heavy. The colors of this outfit are basic and dark so the use of jewelry and spikey shoes really add some pizzazz!

As per usual when Julie is in town we take some silly pictures so now is the time in which you get to witness the magic that is our friendship. You're welcome.

Yeah I know, she pretty cool. You should all be jealous of our love. Any who, I hope you've all enjoyed this nice style break and hopefully you'll try this jersey trend someday soon too!

Bye Julie, thanks for playing photographer/model and safe travels back to Austin!

I'll catch you all on the flipside, thanks for checking meowt.

(jersey and tank - American Apparel, pants - H&M, shoes - UNIF, jewels - Panacea Designs, David Yurman, Oliver Hawaii and Eliza Paige, bag - Baggu, spectacles - Ray-Ban)