The Hipster

Here we are with archetype number two y'all, The Hipster. I'm just gonna jump right into it. When I think of hipster style I think of thrifted clothes, denim, greasy hair and tight shorts all of which are part of my daily life!

Hey look, its me being hipster! I thrifted this awesome practice jersey and denim jacket from the best thrift store in Austin, Thriftland and yes, that's its real name. Talk about good finds, right?! I paired these two with some cream colored denim shorts and finished the look off with my black Tom's and canvas bag. Check, check and check.

Same as with "The Prep" post the hair can make you or break you but in the case of the hipster, who cares! Throw it up because its greasy as hell, you're a non-conformist and you do what you want! Plus, its fun to be a Samurai Warrior.

Accessories for this archetype are a little heavy on the wrist game but pretty light everywhere else. I layered four bracelets for a nice mix of color and texture. I wore only one really long necklace double looped to look like two necklaces and one ring! So fancy.

Now, the joys of having a tripod and a self timer on my camera mean funny moments get caught even when your not trying to catch them. Here is a nice little series for all to enjoy entitled; Smile pose, AHH GRASSHOPPER, Eww.

Make sure you click to make the pictures bigger so you can see my facial expression in the last one especially. Tehehe. I hope you all enjoyed the hipster and are looking forward to the next one! See y'all next week...or sooner if you're lucky. Adios.

(tank and jacket - Thriftland, shorts - H&M, shoes - Tom's, jewels - David Yurman, Sally, Eliza Paige and Julie, spectacles - Ray-Ban)