I interrupt these archetype posts to bring you joy, happiness, excitement, and comfy underwear. My Canadian friends at de la COMMUNE are doing great things and they want you! (to check them out ;) ) Let me introduce you to Reese and Daniel, the creative brains behind the brand.

                                                Reese                      Model                               Daniel

These guys created a men's brand based on comfort, quality, style, detail and ethical manufacturing. Their collections include shirts, underwear (my personal fave) and drop crotch sweats, all the basics needed in any wardrobe. Instead of continuing to talk about it, I'm just gonna show you. 

Talk about swag! Am I right? Or am I right? Now for the things I can't wait to get my hands or butt on, rather, the Vintage Wash Collection and the Jasper Pant. Comfort, quality and attention to detail make these pieces irresistible and I NEED them in my life! When I talk about attention to detail, it took these fellas a full year to reach the final product of just the waistband on the undies. I couldn't think of a better time to work with perfectionists.

So, why am I showing you guys all this stuff ? Two reasons really. One, I love it and want it all and you should too. Two, they need our support so click below to check out their kickstarter website, learn more about them and help their dreams become a reality. Trust me, your dreams would be coming true as well.

Everybody raise your glass; Here's to you de la COMMUNE, may all your hard work and efforts payoff, and may my ass be ever so happy in your underwear! CHEERS!