Bikini Body Ready.

You didn't think you'd get through all these posts without a style break did you? I didn't want to disappoint so you're welcome. Also, I'm not wearing a bikini but this was generally my wardrobe on our beach days.

As you can see, I kept this look simple, clean and functional. Patterned swim trunks paired with a denim button down, sandals and the coolest bag ever make the perfect beach day outfit. 

Wearing a lightweight button down also leaves you looking a little more presentable incase you do lunch or something after beach bumming.

I hope you've enjoyed this short and sweet style break, now for the specifics: short swim trunks - Zara, denim shirt - Levi's, sandals - Longs Pharmacy, bag - Apolis x Milo HNL, glasses - Warby Parker, surfboard - Beyoncé.

See you at the next stop on our Hawaiian adventure!