Oh happy day a new post is here and it's all about Hawai'i, aka Big Island. Having lived on Oah'u for a year I figured Hawai'i would be very similar and boy was I wrong. Less development and more open spaces made for landscapes of grandeur and beauty. I was in awe of this place as it was more of what I imagined Hawai'i to be like before I moved there. So much more of a small town feel with great people and mom and pop shops lining the villages streets, it was wonderful. People generally talk about how expensive Hawai'i is but almost every adventure we went on was free! With all of these natural wonders surrounding you there's no need to pay for excursions. You can swim with dolphins in Cancun! 

The first of our excursions was to the Waipi'o Valley Lookout and man was it heavenly. This valley is of the upmost importance to native Hawaiians as is used to be home to ancient temples. Many kings were buried in ancient burial caves along the sides of the cliffs and because of there "mana" its said that anyone who lives in the Waipi'o Valley will never be harmed. There was a devastating tsunami in 1946 that took out all of the structures in the valley but nobody died in the event! Check this place out.

Ben and I taking traditional tourist pics. Enjoy!

Holy crap its beautiful! Now on to the Mauna Kea Summit. At over 13,000 ft above sea level we were literally higher than the clouds and on top of the world!  Again, this was a free adventure and it was magnificent.

I know now that I'll need to pack a jacket and wear jeans without holes because that 37 degree temperature at the top was a bit chilly! So take note and also be prepared to feel a bit "loopy" when you're at the summit, the oxygen's just a tad bit thin.

There are giant telescopes on the summit from different countries so they can study space because Mauna Kea has clearer nights than anywhere else.

This island is so insanely gorgeous its hard to edit the number of photos I'm picking! To keep y'all from getting bored I'm breaking this into two posts so don't go anywhere cuz there's more comin! I hope you've enjoyed it so far. Catch ya on the flip side with more of our adventure.