Oah'u specifically North Shore.

We have safely landed in Honolulu and it's time for a day full of fun on the North Shore. If you haven't been, this is one of my favorite parts of Oah'u. It's away from the city, the beaches are beautiful and the FOOD...omg the fooooood! 

Shrimp is one of my favorite types of seafood and the shrimp trucks up here just solidify the obsession even more. Giovanni's in Haleiwa Town is my go to for these 12 pieces of sautéed garlic and butter drenched heaven. I do advise that you be prepared for the burps afterward, because they are pretty gnarly and boy do they linger!? :/

To combat those pesky garlic shrimp burps we cleansed our palettes with a little frozen treat. The shave ice champions of the world reside at Matsumoto's and it's the best you will ever have. EVER. Lilikoi and banana cream were my flavors of choice and they did NOT disappoint! Ben and I both added real life ice cream to our shave ice and its a decision we will never regret and always make again, I mean just look at how excited we are! It really is such a magical experience. 

We went during high time for waves of death and destruction so the beaches on the North Shore were closed. Still, we decided to chill and watch the brave souls that jumped the ropes and surfed these mean waves. It was impressive and scary to watch but an overall good ending to our North Shore experience.

Similar to the Hawai'i posts these Oah'u posts are coming atcha in sections, which brings me to the close of this entry. So go to the North Shore and I'll create a new entry telling you where else to go in the meantime. Adios muchachichos!