Oah'u pt 2.

We back on track with our Hawaiian journey. Next stop, Koko Head sunrise hike of death and beauty. It's 1,050 steps up and old railroad track to the top of a mountain and treacherous is the only word I can think of to describe it. I've posted pics of Koko Head Trail before but hiking it in the dark before you've had breakfast was the worst idea until we watched the sun rise over the ocean.

Ta DAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! The sun has risen. After get back down the mountain after the sunrise we decided to take the rest of the day to relax and walk through Waikiki. Shopping at its finest, all with a view to die for! The very next day we decided to continue our outdoorsy activities and to Maunawili Falls we went.

What a cute entry sign right? We were not ready for the muddy pits of doom we had to get through to get to the waterfall. We had a fun and hilarious time slippin and slidin through these trails, if only I could have photographed it. For fear of dropping my camera into the muck, I refrained from taking pics.

We made it through the jungle to the waterfall and back without falling. It was a feat I didn't think we could overcome!

Although we survived the hike, our shoes did not. RIP to all these demolished zapatos. Thank goodness I got new ones for Christmas! With our beach attire in tow we were off to Lanikai we went for an evening or peace and recuperation.

We had plenty of mud on our legs to wash off and this was the perfect place to do it! Once  the sun started setting we decided to hit the road back to the city. Our bodies needed to rest up for the next days activity of high cardio killer nature work out 2k16!

Here we are at the end of this post. I have more to show you so don't you worry! kloveyoubye.