Jess Glynne

Hey Y'all! I must say, I am SO excited about this next post. One of my favorite things in life is music. Old, new, loud, soft, I love it all. It is such a powerful entity that I can't help but share about an artist I'm currently obsessed with, Jess Glynne! I had first seen this English beauty last year at SXSW and she caught my attention as soon as she stepped onstage. Her fiery red hair, fashion forward wardrobe and smokey, soulful voice left me in awe! Her set was short so we were only graced with the greatness of a few of her songs but once the first chord of Rather Be was played, the crowd went nuts! 

  As soon as her debut album (I Cry When I Laugh) dropped, I hit up iTunes and was immediately entranced. There's not one song I needed to skip to get through the albums first listen. Knowing she writes her own stuff and sings her real experiences makes my love for her expand to ridiculous lengths. Naturally, when I saw she was going on tour and coming back to Austin I HAD to get tickets.

We got to The Parish 30 minutes before the doors opened and were able to get spots right next to the stage. SCORE! The opener, Conrad Sewell, was great and all but Jess BLEW OUR MINDS! Again, her look was on point, she has a personality to boot and damn, that VOICE! Her beautiful back up singers also acted as "hype-women" and got the crowd going with their smooth vocals and even smoother dance moves. All in all, I'd give this show a 10 out of 10 and recommend Ms. Glynne to any and everybody. Check out the clips below and bask in her majesty with me.

I know you're all gonna hop over to YouTube to continue stalking this girl, so you're welcome for the knowledge. Catch y'all on the flipside!