Rainyish and Punkish

Back again I see! A new post in a matter of 2 days? Dang I'm on it. Well todays look is dedicated to the rainy weather that was trying to keep me down on my day off. So here's to you rain, suck it.

I think I wear so much black and grey that its starting to stain my skin and I'll look like I'm still wearing this outfit even when I'm naked! You're welcome for the visual, but seriously this cloudy weather inspired todays color choices. Grey denim, a white and grey tank, black boots and a leather jacket set the foundation for todays get up. The grunge trend of tying a plaid shirt around your waist is in full effect and I love it! It doesn't only look cool and add some pops of color but if it gets chilly out you have another piece of clothing to layer with. Not to mention it makes me feel like an extra from "Clueless" when Cher is talking about how dirty grunge boys are. This was the perfect outfit for all of the frolicking around Brooklyn I did today, comfortable and rainy weather ready!  

The photo shoot had to move indoors and listening to Lionel Ritchie got me inspired to walk, or sit rather, on the ceiling! :) I accessorized this outfit  a few different ways. I kept the jewelry simple one necklace, beaded bracelet and ring complete the bedazzling ceremony. The added beanie not only contributes to the noted grunge trend but it also hides my greasy hair! Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am!

And on that note I'm gonna leave you to ponder this punkish grungish look. I've really enjoyed the days festivities and need a nap. Special thanks to Hippo for photobombing my "ceiling" pictures. Rude. 

(denim - 7 For All Mankind, tank - BDG, jacket - Forever 21, boots - Jeffrey Campbell, jewels - David Yurman, beanie - H&M, plaid shirt - Urban Renewal)

I'm outta here! Thanks for stopping by and I'll catch you folks later!

Basic betch with a new haircut.

It's about time there was a style post on this thing. It's cold outside and instead of trying to over do it with accessories and color I kept it simple and basic. Black, grey and red are staples in my closet and this is the perfect representation of how I like to pair them all together.

Again, back to the basics. I believe every man should own a solid button down. It's easy to throw on and it always looks put together. You can wear it over a tank or tee, around your waist for a punk look or on its own as seen here and it works. I love the casual, cool vibe this is giving me. Black denim is a no brainer when I'm just lounging around and these 7 For All Mankind slimmys are perfect for doing just that. If I need to leave the house I can slip on my red suede loafers from Aldo and I'm ready to go. Easy, breezy and stylin.

What a dreary day and somber mood these photos are conveying. Hopefully, you're not fooled by the use of this natural lighting and monotone outfit choice! This last picture will show you the opposite. Taking selfies makes me feel silly, like Miley says, its awkward so I just stick my tongue out! Or something to that effect. I won't stick out my tongue but I'll make a funny face.

As you can see the winter in the city has attributed to my beautiful vampire-ly pale appearance. I need some vitamin D in my life. With the NY struggle in full effect and my fear of not trusting anyone with scissors close to my hair I have taken on the task of becoming my own hair stylist and I'm not mad about it. I wish I had a before picture to compare this to because I have done some major renovations and I hope you're as impressed as I am.

Now here we are again at the end of our date. I hope you enjoyed yourself and that when I ask you to come back you will. Catch you all on the flipside. Deuces.

...and these are my obsessions...

I hope you sang the title of this bog to the tune of Usher's "Confessions" because I sure was! It's been a while and missed all my blog buddies so here's a little post to tell you what I have been in love with as of lately! Get ready cuz there's a lot of info coming your way.

So here we have my a few of the things I'm loving the most as of right this second and probably for the next few days. Now let me explain, I'll start with the simplest.

1. Yankee Candle flavor Cinnamon. Not only with the scent clear your sinuses but red is my favorite color. Its like killing 2 birds with one stone!

2. My David Yurman bracelets. Yes, I wear them all the time and you're probably not impressed but I'm posting these to bring attention to Yurman's new special addition cable bracelets. They are UH-MAZING! You can either get some fantastic, vibrantly solid colored aluminum bangles or if its in your budget get the FULLY PAVE DIAMOND versions. White, black or cognac diamonds galore. Your mind will be blown. www.davidyurman.com

3. My ticket from "A Raisin in the Sun". If your ever in the city and this show is still running stop whatever you're planning and go get tickets. This was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. The NY struggle is real so I had to spring for these tickets and I'm so glad I did. The cast was phenomenal and Denzel Washington definitely did not disappoint. Go see it now! 

4. Beats headphones. There was so much hype about these things that I was bit skeptical, but WOO DANG! I love these babies. It's like my own personal sound system in my head and sweat doesn't run into my ear when I'm working out. So. Great.  

5. It may seem like I'm a little late to join this bandwagon, but I've just been too busy to stop and tell you how obsessed with Beyoncé's latest album I am. Words cannot describe the emotions I feel everyday when I listen to it on the subway on my way to work and on my way home and at the gym and anytime I have a chance to listen to it. Its the most artistic, grimy, sexy and inspiring thing I've heard or seen in a while. I mean the concept of a visual album is just groundbreaking and quite frankly genius. I viewed every video on Fuse before I listened to the album and it just made my appreciation for the music even more than it would have been. Surfboart. 

6. Lastly, and the most important, a note from the inside of my care package from Sally. I know everybody thinks they have the best friends that anyone could ask for, but when I say it I REALLY mean it. I have the most amazing people in my life that inspire, encourage and support me and I am eternally grateful. This care package couldn't have come at a better time. As noted before the NY struggle is real and the opportunity to open a box full of art supplies that will keep me in touch with my creative roots was just what I needed. So to you Sally Murphy, thanks and I love you.

On that note I leave you to ponder your current obsessions and in the words of my wise friend Sally; Enjoy, Create, and READ A BOOK!

Jean Paul Gaultier Magic

Alright y'all, one of the most magical things I've ever seen happened right down the street from my apartment! The Brooklyn Museum of Art is famous for its collections, but the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit was breath taking. There are no words to describe the beauty and imagination displayed on the fifth floor of the museum. I've never felt more inspired to create a menswear collection, write a book and just create art in general. Uh-mazing it was. The pictures don't do the exhibit justice, but hopefully you'll get an idea of how awe-inspiring this is. Enjoy.

Aside from the majesty of the clothes the entire exhibition was just ridiculous (in a good way). The mannequins had projected faces that spoke to you or would sing or give attitude and each room was decorated to the T, adding so much to the entire experience. There were so many collections I didn't know how to control myself on snapping these pics. As you'll see coming up my favorite section was the Punk section. So freaking fantastic. Innovation should be Jean Paul's middle name. The use of found objects and general attention to detail is just outrageous, I mean soup can lids for a belt?! Talk about thinking outside of the box!

2014-01-10 15.33.54.jpg
2014-01-10 15.35.39.jpg

I know people say denim on denim is a "fashion faux pas" but you've never seen denim done like this.

Like I said before there were so many amazing looks it was hard to pick so few to blog about. I have to say Jean Paul has outdone himself and it was amazing to see how fashion forward he is. He had looks on display from the 70's that were in style with todays trends! So mind blowing. Again, I recommend that you all stop whatever it is you're doing, come to Brooklyn and check this exhibit out. You will not be disappointed. Lastly, I would like to apologize for the quality of these photos. I didn't think photography would be aloud so I had to use my phone for all these works of art. Thanks for checking this post out and I hope it inspires you all to do something amazing! Peace, love and chicken grease.

Howdy from NYC!

Hey y'all it's me, Brent! Remember me? Well, I didn't forget about you I've just been a busy little B. Get it? B for Brent. Ok, not so funny, but as you've noticed I'm now living in the big apple and boy has it been an experience. I'm one month in and so far so good. I apologize now for the length of this post, but I have a few things to share. Ready, set, READ ON!

Let the story begin. It's Wednesday November 6th and my roommate and I stumble into our new Brooklyn apartment. Shrieks of joy and jumps of happiness fill the apartment as our hopes and dreams stare at us from across the East River in the great city that is Manhattan. The race is on and the job hunting begins almost immediately, but we don't want to start our big city adventure without having a little fun right? (Moving here jobless was probably not the smartest thing I've done, just FYI.) Fast forward to Thanksgiving. Still jobless, but being away from home during the beginning of the holidays leaves us to do the only logical thing, head to the Macy's Day Parade of course!

Magical is the only word anyone can use to describe the parade. I mean, how could it not be? It's every single persons childhood dream coming to life. There were so many amazing floats, celebrities, entertainment and just overall pure joy in the air. After the parade we headed back to our fabulous new apartment and the Thanksgiving cooking with out moms, aunts and grandmas commenced. I've never been more proud of our cooking skills: roast, mac and cheese, stuffing, corn, brussels sprouts, cake, ice cream and our case of PBR made a magnificent feast. The only way to end this wonderful holiday was to hang out and drink on the rooftop.

Alright, Thanksgiving day style breakdown. The weather was great but a little chilly so dressing for the occasion was a must. Going easy on the accessories this time I paired a heavy knit sweater with some classic black skinnies and always stylish combat boots. For the cold breeze I threw on an oversized beanie and black trench coat completing my look. The mix of black and brown just makes my heart flutter, I don't care what anyone says!

So that was the end of our Thanksgiving and now to the current times. To let you guys in on a secret, Brooklyn is one of the most amazing places ever and I mean ever! Everyday we explore we find something bigger and better than the last. The beauty of this place is ridiculous and I can't stop finding inspiration for doing anything and everything. There's an amazing ambience this city has that makes you feel like you can do whatever your heart desires and if you don't like that you can change careers at the drop of a hat. I've come to learn that's not particularly the case, but its still one of the most inspiring places I've ever been apart of.


Alright so check it, if you're ever in Williamsburg, Park Slope or Greenwich Village hit up Beacon's Closet. It's the coolest thrift store I've ever popped tags in. If spending money on used clothes isn't your thing just searching for the amazing designer pieces this place carries is quite exciting in itself!

A few more things I've learned being here. Go to Central Park anytime possible, its gorgeous and its such a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the city. Next, look around, there's beauty everywhere here, even on the wall across from the train platform. :) Third, support local business. Hit up Crosby Coffee across the street every now and then and get the iced coffee with a chocolate chip muffin, its the perfect combo. Last, take the Q train it cuts the travel time to the city by almost 10 minutes and every minute here counts!

Final style break for this post. A day in Williamsburg called for layers upon layers. A graphic tank, denim button down, heavy sweater and yellow pants were perfect! I added brown wingtips and staple messenger bag for added flavor. Drink it all in because this much color is unheard of in New York apparently.

Thanks for checking meowt and I can't wait to keep you folks updated with what this place has in store for me! Check y'all later and now that I have wifi, I promise I'll post more often. :)

(First outfit, pants - 7 For All Mankind, sweater - Maison Margiela, jacket and beanie - H&M, boots - BedStu. Second outfit, tank - Koto, button down, sweater and pants - H&M, shoes - Kenneth Cole, messenger bag - Louis Vuitton, sunglasses - Ray-Ban)

Loh Cut Tanx and Cardeez

It's beginning to look a lot like fall, but its still hot dammit! The layering bug has bitten me and what better way to layer than with lightweight tanks and cardigans? Black and grey seems to be a common theme in my wardrobe, so don't act surprised at  this color scheme. Don't hate on it either! :)

Layer 1: Acid wash grey jeans. Studded combat boots, belt with chains, and black tank LEOTARD! Can you believe it because I can't?! I haven't worn one of these things since I was in gymnastics as a little baby back flipper. Shout out to my old gym, go Tumble T's go! 

Layer 2: All of layer 1 plus my go to oversized light grey tank. It adds extra dimension over the leo and added comfort. Its also perfect for "fat" days when you're feeling less than skinny enough. Thank you added illusions! 

Layer 3: All of layer 1 and 2 plus a basic black cardigan. Its perfect for those days that get a chilly in the evening or if your just cold natured in general! Not to mention a cardigan or jacket dresses it up a tad bit so you can feel free to eat at expensive places with this edgy outfit on. 

Layer 4: The finale, JEWELRY! This outfit is basic with the majority being flat color layered on top of flat color. How do you break up this monotony, you ask? Throw on lots of jewels of course! I layered 3 necklaces of varying lengths and 2 bracelets. The difference in materials and sizes really adds some edge and stand out power. I just love it.

Well I'm getting pulled off-stage so I'll catch you cool cats later! Thanks for checkin meowt! Peace.  

(leotard - RUFSKIN, tank and jeans - H&M, boots - Jeffrey Campbell, belt - 7 For All Mankind, jewels - Eliza Paige, David Yurman, Panacea Designs, and Diesel) 

PJ Party!

Whattup y'all? Its a rainy overcast Tuesday and I don't feel like getting out bed, so I'm not going to. I will however, still try to look cute just in case the package from my online shopping adventures comes in today!

Again, I'm not moving from this bed! I'm not gonna shower, shave, put my contacts in or even fix my hair. I am going to sit right here, drink my coffee and watch movies all day. Check and check! For this day of leisure outfit I paired some low crotch sweats with a comfy hooded pullover, perfect for lounging around all day long. 

Ok fine, I'll get up but only to answer the door for FedEx. I matched this comfy knitwear with some black and red boat shoes. A nice pop of color to this black and grey motif makes these the perfect pair. I only accessorized with one simple necklace and my ombre framed glasses. "Nice and easy" is the theme for today.

Thanks to you folks for stopping by. Be prepared for the weeks to follow because I have some grand posts on the way! P.S. If you ever have a day in, watch both Britney episodes from Glee back to back. it makes for a magical moment.

P.P.S. I wanna give a shout out to my friend summerstylehawaii.com. She is KILLIN' it at New York Fashion Week. Get it gurl! Check her out, she's doing amazing things, while I sit in bed and do nothing all day. :)  

Peace, Love, and Chicken grease to you peeps! 

 (pants - Forever 21, hoodie - 7 For All Mankind, shoes - Converse, jewels - David Yurman, glasses - Ray Ban)

Grandpa Chic

Hey howdy y'all! Sorry for the long hiatus, but I'm back and ready for ya. This post is dedicated to the rainy, overcast days when you just wanna be comfy. Dressing like a grandpa is definitely the way to go!

What better to pair some oversized, softest jeans ever with than the coolest mustard cardigan a thrift shop has to offer and a floral patterned polo?! It's all just so magical I can't even take it. Normally, I'm unsuccessful when I go thrift shopping, but this sweater purchase made me the happiest boy in the world!

Considering the fact that I'm completely covered in fabric, accessories are minimal. Just a bracelet and ring made the cut this time. Simple and classy wins again. To add a little splash if fun I wore my amazing maroon suede wing tips.

I have to give a shout out to fluffyjules.blogspot.com for being the paparazzi. She does a good job and y'all should check out her fashion blog. She's pretty cool if you're into well dressed Asians. :)

Thanks to you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed my old man outfit and keep on the lookout for the next post! Check you peeps later!

(polo - Obey, cardigan - thrifted YES!, jeans - 7 For All Mankind, shoes - Hawking-McGill, jewels - David Yurman) 

Late Night Shenanigans

Salutations friendlies! I don't know about you folks, but I love spending my Sunday nights causing a ruckus in the streets of my neighborhood. Don't believe me? Here's the proof!

Who says you can't wear dark colors in the Summer? I choose not to listen to those freaks and do what I want. I paired some stone washed grey jeans with a black modal shirt and comfy combat boots. All the perfect combo for causing trouble!

I accessorized with 2 necklaces, 3 bracelets, 1 ring and a beanie! With a simple outfit accessories are allowed to be wild and crazy, even though I kept it relatively simple. This shoot made me feel like I should be going to a high school house party, stirring up drama, getting wasted and giving alcohol to minors. Just like in 21 Jump Street!

Big shout out to Fluffy Jules for playing paparazzi again! Love ya much, even if you did cut my head off in 46389532 of the pictures you took! ;) 

RAWR! I'll see you guys next time! Thanks for checkin meowt!

(shirt and beanie - H&M, jeans and belt - 7 For All Mankind, boots - BedStu, jewels - David Yurman, Oliver Hawaii and Ben Cortez)

Straw Hats and Skull Shoes

Whattup, whattup, whattup? I apologize for not posting in a while, but its been a busy couple of weeks! No worries though, I'm back and with an awesome pair of new shoes and a cool straw hat, perfect for a mild summer day stroll in the woods!

So I got these sick Jeffrey Campbell skull shoes and I just had to show them off! I styled them with some grey shorts, a bleached, light wash, denim shirt and a straw hat I got for my birthday earlier this month. Its a little preppier than I normally wear, but it definitely has enough edge to make it more "me".

With a button down shirt accessories need not be too crazy. I layered a beaded necklace with a silver one and a beaded bracelet with a leather one. That's it, nothing more, nothing less and its perfect.

This shoot was one of the hardest, not only did I hike 10806848 miles to find the perfect photo spot, but these mosquitos we effin crazy! 30 minutes and 1736 mosquito bites later, here ya go, and you're welcome!  Big thanks to Julie Transvestite for playing photog. 

Thanks for checking out this post and don't forget to hit up Jules at www.fluffyjules.blogspot.com. She pretty cool. See ya kids later! 

 (shirt and belt - 7 For All Mankind, shorts - H&M, shoes - The Damned by Jeffrey Campbell, jewels - David Yurman, Benjamin Cortez and H&M, hat - gifted)

Pop Lock and Droppin It.

What it do peepz? I just got some uh-mae-zyng sneaks from Louis Vuitton and I couldn't think of a better outfit to pair them with than something I could twerk in, right?! So here you all go...be prepared; azz shakin in progress!

With these dancing shoes on I just couldn't stop movin! I matched these shoes with some carrot cut navy pants, a dark grey graphic tank and a light grey sleeveless sweater. All perfect for teaching you how to dougie! ;) 

I literally danced my way through this shoot. The past few posts have been oh so serious, it's about time I let loose and had some fun! I accessorized with 2 necklaces and 2 bracelets. Dancing makes me sweat and I can't afford to ruin any jewels, so I kept it nice and simple.

This is one of the most comfortable outfits I've ever worn. The pants are stretchy enough to allow me to drop it, the tank is so light it feels like I'm not even wearing a shirt (literally have to watch for nip slips in this thing) and the shoes are honestly some of the best fitting sneaks I've ever owned.  

This entry goes out to all my frans back in the 808. Miss you all, especially you Summer! :) Thanks for stopping by and I'll catch you folks lata!

P.S. Check out my friend Summer's style @ www.summerstylehawaii.com/blog  

(tank - TOPMAN, pants - H&M, sweater - Armani Exchange, shoes - Louis Vuitton, jewels - David Yurman, Eliza Paige and Benjamin Cortez) 

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Hungry Hungry Hipster

It's been a while y'all, but I'm back and it's about time I did a hipster post. My birthday was last week and my frans showered me with the perfect components for this entry, I couldn't be any luckier!

Its hot and rainy all at the same time today, so I had to wear some distressed denim and my awesome "GUAPO" sleeveless shirt! Duh. I threw in some sweet suede shoes and this even sweeter wool hat and viola! you've got yourself a hipster.  

Today the jewels consist of some awesome handmade beaded bracelets by Benjamin Cortez plus 2 short necklaces and a metal ring and bracelet combo. Simple and perfect.

This post goes out to Julie Tran and Benjamin Cortez for providing some amazing birthday gifts and making this entry possible. I definitely feel "super Austinite=y" today!

One more shout out to Julie Tran for playing photographer. She's pretty fantastic, I mean look at that angle and depth. She good.

Check you fools lata!

(shirt - gifted by Julie Tran, jeans - 7 For All Mankind, shoes - Aldo, hat - Pendleton also from Julie Tran, beads - Benjamin Cortez, other jewels - David Yurman and Oliver Hawaii) 


Hot Days and Cool Nights

Happy 4th of July weekend y'all. This year I decided to take a road trip and spend the holiday weekend with my extended family in the grand ole town of Haskell, America.  Population = my family and very few others. Fashion here is virtually non-existent, but that's not gonna stop me from turning heads! 

With the summer heat being as intense as it is, I chose a super casual outfit of distressed khaki shorts and a grey tank. This combo is most definitely a staple in my wardrobe for the summer, but to make things less boring I added the coolest most awesome pair of silver/hologram shoes I have ever purchased!

Generally, when its 100+ degrees during the day, night time temperatures drop to about 98. My how things have changed this week?! Lucky for us the evenings have been nice and even cool enough to wear a light sweater, so that's exactly what I did. This little gem adds great pops of vibrant colors to an otherwise monochromatic look and the Indian skull graphic scares people and makes them think I'm tough. All-in-all its a win, win!  

These shoes and sweater together just melt away my sorrows with their ferocity, I just love them both so much! To keep with the Indian theme for the evening I accessorized with 2 necklaces, one of which is an arrowhead, and 3 bracelets all of different materials including a hand woven, tribal, friendship-esque one. It just worked out so well.  

Normally, Julie and Ben are my photographers, but this time I have to give huge props to my cousins Claire, Jessica and Claire's friends Sian and Leah, all of whom made this shoot fun and successful. Thank you ladies for making this possible.

This post is a little wordy but oh well, deal with it and I'll see y'all next time! 

(shorts and belt - 7 For All Mankind, tank - H&M, sweater - KR3W, shoes - Cheap Monday, jewels - David Yurman, Oliver Hawaii and gifted pieces, glasses - Ray-Ban) 

Da Roof Iz On Fiyah!

Whaddup y'all? This post is dedicated to the Texas sun. I just want to say thanks to the heat for allowing me to wear tank tops everyday and to only letting me feel a breeze by getting on the roof of my house. MUAH!

Today is super casual Tuesday. I put on my awesomely fierce panther tank with my bright blue skinnies and I'm ready to climb that ladder and take some pics!

So here we are on the roof, scared of falling off, and I have to say I'm super impressed with the grip of these canvas lace ups. Thanks Forever 21! Being up so high made my heart beat fast and I felt like a rebel so I posed like one. Hehe

By now I'm sure you all know the accessories routine. 2 necklaces, 2 bracelets, 1 ring and my wayfarers total out this package.

Huge thanks to Julie Tran for facing her fear of heights, climbing to the roof and taking these photos. You're da coolest chick I know! 

Thanks to you folks for stopping by. See ya soon. 

(tank - Local Celebrity, jeans - 7 For All Mankind, shoes - Forever 21 Men, jewels - David Yurman, Oliver Hawaii)

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Summertime

Hey you guys. Its been a while since my last post, but never fear for I am back! I'm in a super easy going and casual mood and the weather isn't unbearable, so I can totally wear shorts and a cardy.

This casual look has a clean color palette and is super easy to wear. I matched some DIY jorts with a basic white tank and I layered a super thin cardigan and added some new leather and nylon sandals that rock my socks! 

Now to the accessories. I wanted to keep this look clean and minimal, so leather and beads it was! 2 necklaces, 2 bracelets and a ring were all I needed to complete this outfit.  

Huge thanks to Benjamin Cortez for being my photographer. I had a great time shooting this one and I'm so glad you found this location!

Thanks for checkin meowt, I'll see y'all on the flip side! 

 (shorts - DIY 7 For All Mankind, tank - ZARA, cardigan - Urban Outfitters, sandals - Louis Vuitton, jewelry - David Yurman and Oliver Hawaii)

Sunset Blvd.

It's starting to get so hot I can only shoot in the evening, but some of the best lighting happens at sundown. Here's a casual cool look dedicated to my Japanese peeps in the middle of the great Pacific. ;)

I rolled up a really cool pair of dark grey straightlegs that are dyed blue on the inside and paired them with a bright "Japan" graphic tank for a pop of color that looks fluorescent in this lighting!

The addition of this thin leather jacket and sweet grey and yellow kicks really polish off this look, making me ready for a night out or a casual night in. Jacket off and your prepared to face this 91 degree evening. Layers always win!

Accessories = 2 necklaces, 3 bracelets, 1 ring and a yellow belt for added fun!

Shooting with your BFF makes for a good time, so thanks Julie "Hoe" Tran for being photographer again.

As always Julie makes me do stupid things...here's the proof from our impromptu BFF photo shoot. Enjoy! 

I can't get over how beautiful and smart we make ourselves look sometimes! (sarcasm) Don't forget to click on these little gems to make them bigger so you get the full effect. See y'all in a few days

(jeans and jacket - 7 For All Mankind, tank - ALTRU Apparel, shoes - ALDO, jewels - Eliza Paige, David Yurman and gifted, belt - Toddland) 



This is a very intimate post for you guys. I'm letting you into my home and giving you a chance to see me hard at work. For those of you who don't know, I'm an artist. This entry will show those of you who paint, how to do so in style!

Rule number one when creating, be comfortable! This outfit is just that. I have some super stretchy, super comfy camouflage tiger pants paired with a grey graphic tank and leather belt. Its so simple but works together beautifully. I even wore this outfit for a night on the town and got compliments. Versatility wins.

Rule number 2, be comfortable! I didn't accessorize a whole lot this time because sometimes things just get in the way especially when you're working. Two necklaces and bracelet is all I need, shoes didn't even make the cut this time!

Now, on to the art. Things you're gonna need: paint, brushes, water, paper towels, ipad for music and phone in case of emergencies.

So the work begins. Consider yourselves lucky, I normally lock the door and don't come out til days later once the piece is finished or if I need to use the restroom. Whichever happens first you know? 

After working for hours and hours its finally finished. It's all in the details.

Now, I have the perfect background for this shoot and this fashion and art fusion is complete!  We should call this mixture, Fart, fashion + art. I don't think many people would deem it as appropriate, but I like it. :/

I hope you all enjoyed this mix of art and fashion. Start creating things and looking awesome, it'll make you feel good! See ya next time. 

(pants - Kyoto, tank - Obey, belt - 7 For All Mankind, jewelry - David Yurman and Oliver Hawaii) 

Who layers in the Summer?

I do! It's summer time and its hot as hell already, but I won't let that stop me from being all I can be. Stylistically speaking of course. This outfit would be perfect in the consistent weather of Cali or Hawaii, but I just went with it in this awful Texas weather.

Here we have some basic khaki shorts, rolled for a higher tan line and added breeziness. I paired these shorts with an awesome short sleeved button down that has a pattern of cross hatched squares to add a little fun and dimension to this plain maroon shirt. Lastly, I have an uh-mazing denim jacket with leather trim for added warmth when the A/C is pumped too high and some sweet tan, leather wing tips.

With this Texas sun a blazin I even had to add a new haircut to this post! In the summer, the shorter the better! It was so hot that I could only wear my jacket in the shade and I was still a sweaty mess., once again those 7th grade theater classes really paid off. 

Once again, accessories included 2 necklaces of varying lengths, 3 bracelets, all of different materials and a ring. There were quite a few bloopers in this shoot probably because my bff was shooting and she is cray. So here's my shout out to her along with some of her gorgeous portrait work. I <3 you Julie Tranimal!

Tehehe...good times. I hope you all enjoyed this shoot as much as I did and feel empowered to wear jackets in the heat of the summer! Check you lata and I promise I wont take as long to post next time! 

(shorts - Forever 21, shirt - Topman, jacket - 7 For All Mankind, jewelry - David Yurman and Oliver Hawaii, shoes - Kenneth Cole)


Here I am 5 days after my last post and I'm surrounded by trees, bugs and the nasty humidity Houston is best known for. What better way to post on this mini vacay than by wearing a lumberjack inspired outfit?!

I purchased this super cool take on a flannel shirt from Urban Outfitters for a whole 10 bucks! Talk about a bargain. I paired this awesome shirt with some washed out maroon denim and my go to pair of combat boots, perfect for trekking through the wilderness.

Surprise, surprise I layered 2 necklaces and 2 bracelets with this outfit. I left the accessories simple since the shirt has quite a bit goin on and it works pretty harmoniously. 

The only thing I need to complete this look is an axe and a giant ox to pull the wagon full of the trees I would cut down. Paul Bunyan - 1 Brent - 0. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this outfit inspires you to try something new and do your own thang. This updated lumberjack is one of the most comfortable and easily wearable outfits I've ever put together. Success!

 ( shirt - Baumwolle, jeans and belt - 7 For All Mankind, boots - BedStu, jewelry - David Yurman and Eliza Paige, sunglasses - Ray Ban)